Our Approach

You know your organization, and your desired outcomes; we know how to get you there. RHC cultivates the seeds you have already planted by helping you to refine your working space, which impacts employee’s talent, leadership skills and performance.

Using a strength-based approach, we explore with you how work gets done. Collaborate with you to assess what’s working well? Determine how decisions are made? Learn how to improve problem solving and decision-making that ultimately transforms conversation at every level of your organization, creating high performance with high-quality results.

When the consulting process is complete, our clients assess what is happening now that would not otherwise be happening without having been working with us?

Rick Huntley Consulting is a committed business partner. We collaborate with you to decide the optimal direction then seek and identify opportunities for development.

How We Work

  • We Listen, ask questions and provide feedback based on what we hear
  • Design and deliver intended outcomes, and ROI evaluation of learning
  • Partner with you as leaders to improve individual and team performance in order to achieve your organization’s goals
  • Assess training needs;
  • Facilitate skills training and development for internal resources
  • Engage employees in meaningful dialogue and learning experiences
  • Move teams and individuals through complete learning cycles, blending learning, from individual to large group contexts.