Executive Coaching

We coach at all levels of your organization, from individual contributors to senior leaders. RHC provide teams with innovative development interventions. Step-by-step we partner with you to provide you with the skills needed to create the conditions to ensure your highest and best performance system-wide. Bringing a balance of objectivity and sensitivity, we enable you to think critically about your intention for leadership, and to raise your awareness about the norms that governed your day-to-day decision-making.

Our coaching reveals to leaders what is going on beneath the surface (what may be keeping him or her stuck in old patterns of behavior), as the process cultivates deeper personal awareness, this enhances the value of coaching. As coaches we work to help you see the whole integrated picture. Coaching starts where you are!

Coaching Services:

  • High impact coaching assessments,
  • Team coaching
  • In-depth diagnostic
  • Action planning
  • Independent and team based activity
  • Skill development
  • Role clarification
  • Shadow consulting

Our coaching clients are:

  • Transitioning to higher leadership roles;
  • Identified as high potentials for greater responsibility;
  • Managing a change initiative (reorganization, project change)
  • Managing organization and team objectives while facilitating individual development
  • Looking to strengthen interpersonal and group effectiveness skills; productively engage conflict while dealing with the feelings of others and managing his or her own feelings;
  • Wanting to effectively manage up