Welcome To Rick Huntley Consulting

Rick Huntley Consulting (RHC) consultants partner with our clients to thoughtfully guide them through designing a working environment that enables leadership to emerge. We ask our clients to first consider what is presently working well, assessing their strengths and talents. We believe that organizations already have what they need to succeed.

Using state-of-the-art learning processes and tools, RHC works with all levels of your organization to design and implement learning and development activities that optimizes working relationships, develops high performing teams and creates organizational space for emergent leadership. We use well-studied leadership technology that brings out the best in others who then lead with vision resulting in vast development within the organization.

Key reflection questions for organization development: does your organization & team environment stimulate or retard individual development? What’s your organization’s intent for leadership? Does your organization have a culture where everyone benefits from feedback? What structures do your organization have that support organizational effectiveness? Does staff compete against each other or compete toward achieving the organization mission, vision and goals?